Quantum 360 with Tag Lock

Any asset equipped with a Samsung Smartwatch or Smartphone can be visually detected and tracked with the Quantum 360 camera. Visually detect and track all assets within your premises, field operations or anywhere a Quantum 360 camera is located.

Enhancing safety in the workplace is of paramount importance for manufacturing and industrial facility leaders and workers. Defender has combined our Quantum 360’s capabilities with smart phone and smart watch technologies to create the TagLock wearable sensor. The TagLock utilizes a Samsung smartphone or a smartwatch running the TagLock app while serving as a beacon for the camera to 'slew-to-cue'. TagLock is used for visually locating and tracking employees and assets (ie vehicles, machinery) within and outside of facilities. Through Defender’s TagLock technology, safety protocols can be monitored, applied and maintained through an efficient and affordable C2 platform.

Key Features


on supported models

Presice Geolocation
Unique User ID
Runs in the background
Consumes minimum power
Automatic reactivation

upon network loss

Audio Alerts