The Baltimore Police Department is utilizing deployments of Defender’s Quantum 360 degree mobile and fixed cameras on both police cruisers and fixed locations respectively throughout the city. 

DEFENDER enjoys a strong partnership with the EFA GROUP.  The EFA Group is comprised of THEON SENSORS, SCYTALYS and EFA VENTURES. The EFA Group (EFA) maintains leading-edge positions in the fields of aerospace, security & defense and pairs perfectly with Defender’s overall technology platform.


Defender and EFA maintain an active cross collaboration capitalizing upon the expertise each respective company possesses.  Due to this comprehensive collaboration, DEFENDER has expanded its’ operations beyond domestic markets and into international arenas.


Mr. Thomas DakosTHEON SENSORS’ President and CTO stated: Through our alliance with Defender we’re jointly developing the world’s first 360 degree thermal imaging camera with built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The technology provides 360 degree thermal tracing coupled with the automatic identification of all objects detected within the 360 degree field of view.  This  results in a global innovation with applications including but not limited to military, border patrol, surveillance and tracking, search and rescue missions, autonomous vehicles and various strategic installations”.

Defender has formalized a relationship with Verizon becoming a partner on Verizon’s First Responder’s app store.  Through this partnership, Verizon’s app store will make available Defender’s affordable Body Worn camera technology for First Responders. Defender’s entire technology platform will also be represented through Verizon’s app store allowing First Responders to significantly upgrade or add to their existing security and monitoring capabilities.

Defender and Samsung have partnered to promote each other’s technologies.  Defender has integrated  its’ various  technologies into Samsung’s Android smart phones, watches and tablets. The result of this partnership includes the deployment of Defender’s Body Worn App with Samsung’s Android phone’s and the integration of Defender’s TagLock technology with Samsung’s Android phone’s, smart watches and tablets. 

Defender has received initial approvals from AT&T/FirstNet to serve as an integral part of their First Responders program.  Defender’s technology platform is especially well suited to aid and assist First Responders by providing  unique solutions which greatly enhance situational awareness for field deployed First Responders and the remote operators who provide them with extremely valuable monitoring, guidance and assistance. 

Defender has been awarded a contract with Baltimore City’s Southeast Community Development Corporation. Defender is presently deploying its Quantum 360 fixed cameras at various locations around Baltimore City.  The cameras are being installed in pre-selected business districts prone to high crime rates, in order to protect the businesses, the business owners, their customers and the general population at large. Defender is providing back-end monitoring, from their Baltimore based headquarters, to assist the business owners and the Baltimore Police department to help identify and track suspicious activity and crimes occurring at these locations.